Hej, we are Viki and Gábor. We are a couple and a team. We also coupled up to dream, talk, sketch, click, source, measure, cut, construct, drill, saw, paint, play, improvise and photogaph. Not necessarily in this order.  We stem our products from our and our friends’ everyday needs and desires.
It’s Viki who is  restless traveler, a creative storm, constantly seeking change and inspiration. Who is passionate about Scandinavian simplicity and straightforwardness, as well as she loves colour and chaos of South-East Asia.
And it’s him, Gábor, who is an observer, who values things made with care and bare hands – or at least preferably with Japanese woodworking tools that he’s addicted to. He is a perfectionist and loves the analogue world as we knew it. Opposites attract (and balance) I guess.
And NEONGREY was born.


Smart and fun objects, home accessories and furniture that we design and make in our Budapest workshop. Besides our collection we are open to new ideas that fit into our profile. Just drop us a line!

Ps. We love crazy ideas and collaborations. :)