NAME | Gedeon 2.0
 year | 2020
function | brand furniture  | PROTOTYPE 2.0 version

Adventures of Gedeon started last year when we re-made our dynamic logo as a piece of furniture. We used the square and circle shape of our logo while we wanted to keep the ever-changing relationship between them. We nailed it by an excentric round table that can be revolved and elevated providing an extra surface. The base of the side table is a cube with a drawer inserted.

We draw our conclusions from the first version: Gedeon lost some weight and became leaner -from 40 cm to 35-, we stabilised the position and the rotation of the table top and added cute adjustable legs to it.
We didn’t go shy with surface treatment and Gedeon 2020 has got even more vibrant neons to contrast the subtle grey. What is also important that the bold colours meet with high quality and low VOC. ( All our paints and lacquers are water based and low VOC, because that’s how we roll. )
Gedeon is still to be released with other colour combinations, so stay tuned!

size |                          35 x 35 x 35 cm         
material |               Only wood product. No screws.
                                     Painted maple and birch plywood.
care |                         gently with damp sponge and love
colour |                    neon yellow / grey

Fotók | Colorgraphers, NEONGREY