NAME  |  Elpé
year  | 2020
function | home accessory | LP rack

We both grew up with vinyls when we were kids: My father’s Elvis Presley collection was untouchable. Gábor bought a record player a few years ago to listen to old and new records. Since the covers are usually a work of art, we wanted to display them, so we made Elpé that holds up to 4 records.


size |                        6 x 6 cm  gaps: 0,5 cm
specs |                   solid wood treated with poppyseed oil
                                   highly pigmented quality spray paint
fix |                           the recommended fittings are included
                                   always consider the wall material carefully when fixing
                                    distance between cubes for 12 inch LPs: 35 cm
care   |                     gently with damp sponge and love            
wood + colour combination |
                                   black walnut + neon orange 
                                   oak + neon pink 
                                   maple + neon yellow
unique technique |  sliding dovetail joint
price |                   49 Euro            

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Nature and neon contrasted. A dynamic relationship between wood and colour. 3 kinds of wood - blonde maple, classic oak and black walnut are paired with 3 bold colours -yellow, orange, pink.
Our objects are snapshots carved in wood, that’s why we design and make every single piece in our Budapest workshop.

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