where? Budapest, Hungary
when? 2017
for who? private client / residential
what? interior design / concept planning / implementation
concept: Re-paint rather than replace / Accent instead of hide / Chill, no stress!

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target group: cool cats and easy dudes, ‘Urban Hippies’

project description :
Make a 35 m2 downtown apartment available for airbnb rental without mayor construction, at a low budget, including all the functions for 4 people in a small space.

our solution:
Given the location of the apartment- sitting right in the hip-party scene in Budapest; combined with the limited budget, we visualised the renters to be ‘Urban Hippies’ that are young at heart.

We used white and grey tones as a base with light wood, and each space has got a personality through its own colour scheme. Customised, re-used, flexible furniture and accessories give a creative feel to the apartment that has all functions for couples or group of friends likewise.

details to love:
pattern painted floor / neon handles on door / hidden hallway storage / customised accessories / local indie heroes in frames

photo credits: Judit Kocsis (Colorgraphers) and neongrey