where? Brondby, Denmark
when? 2016
for who? IKEA Denmark / corporate
what? interior design / concept planning
concept: 4 in 1 - a multifunctional meeting room

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project description:
To plan all the auxiliary rooms for IKEA Denmark’s Logistic and Expansion office, including the biggest meeting room, that should serve multiple functions apart from being able to hold a meeting for up to 40 people.

We took the chance to expand the order and make a versatile room with 4 functions: A general meeting / presentation room (max 40 ppl); a presentation and training room (20 ppl); a workshop room for (20 ppl) and an extra working space (10 ppl). To achieve this, we made one stable element in the room, that would hold all the technical equipment, and all the other furniture could be moved according to the function with the help of graphics on the floor. The style is Scandinavian modern, light with a soft pastel tone.
Pst, We also thought of the breaks! (see details)

details to love:
tic-tac-toe to play on the wall / checkered wall painting

photo credits: neongrey